Interesting Facts & Information     |     Yarnell, AZ
Elevation (USGS, elevations are from the National Elevation Dataset)  
                  Low: 3,681 ft. - Yarnell Creek
        High: 5,171 ft. - Yarnell Spring

Population:  649  (2010 census)

Yarnell is on U.S. 89, approximately 75 miles northwest of Phoenix, 25 miles north of Wickenburg and 33 miles south of Prescott, at the top of Yarnell Hill - between Antelope Peak and the Weaver Mountains.  Sitting at an elevation of about 4,800 feet it is surrounded by huge boulders, nestled among Oak and Juniper trees, intertwined with Skunk Bush, Scrub Oak and Manzanita.

Yarnell Hill is a mecca to hundreds of motorcycle riders that love the cool ride that escapes the Phoenix summer heat, smog, dust and congestion.  Whether for a day time ride up 89 or stopping to marvel at the clean air and beautiful night night skies - Yarnell is a must see.

Yarnell, the hill and the community were named for Harrison Yarnell, who discovered and worked the Yarnell Mine in the 1890's.

Yarnell has been known as a mining town district and there is still a little activity not far from the little town.

History books are full of stories about Rich Hill, Stanton (a bad man!) Weaver, Walker and Genung to name a few.